Make your Easter brunch the best one yet

The Easter long weekend is almost upon us and this is the time of year families gather together to celebrate! If you have a Easter brunch planned then we have tips for you to help make it your best one yet! The best news? You can do all of the below whilst still staying on budget. 

Get creative with your food choices.

How do you make a brunch unique? You make the food stand out! Easter is a fun time of year to get creative. Below, we have listed some great ideas to get you started:

  • Hot cross bun ice-cream sandwich: This one is super simple yet so delicious! Buy a few packs of hot cross buns and a tub of vanilla ice-cream and you are ready to go.
  • Crepes: Why not change it up this year and serve crepes instead of pancakes? With so many options for toppings your guests are sure to enjoy them. We recommend nutella!
  • Easter themed cupcakes: Simple cupcakes can become a wonderful creation in no time! Buy some packets of mini eggs and sprinkles and have fun decorating! This one will definitely be a hit with the kids.

Decorate and then decorate some more.

Head down to your local Red Dot store and you will find a supply of decoration ideas. Make your guests feel special with personalised name cards or even a napkin holder!

Play games and lots of them! 

Easter is a fun time of year for family to gather together, so why not make it better with games? There are plenty of Easter themed games you can play. Below we have listed them for you:

  • Egg and spoon race.
  • Easter egg hunt.
  • Egg decorating.