How to say I love you on a budget – Valentine’s Day ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we all want to find a way to tell that special someone I love you. However, February 14th can be a very expensive day. Often people will splurge on a gift and activities which is all well and good until the bill arrives. That is why it is time to think about cheaper alternatives to your typical Valentine’s Day ideas. To get you started we have listed some below:

1. Become the chef.

Remember that recipe you saved on Facebook ? Well, there is no better time to try it than on Valentine’s Day. Not only can you show off your cooking skills but it also shows your loved one that you are willing to put in the effort to make them feel special. Best of all is that you don’t have to worry about uber fares or $9 glasses of wine.

2. Get creative with entertainment.

Going to the cinema is great but is it special? Why not get creative and set up blankets and pillows in the living room and create a comfort zone. Go to the grocery shop before and purchase a few of your loved ones favourite snacks to make the night even more romantic.

3. Make your own.

A simple search for Valentine’s Day gift ideas in google will present you with hundreds of hamper options. It is easy to simply press purchase but at what cost? A good gift hamper is often more than $100 and does it really include everything your loved one will use? You know them best so create your own. Go to Kmart and Coles and you will find a great selection of cheap gift ideas to put in a hamper. From chocolate to hair masks you will find everything you need for an affordable price.