Ways to stop spending money at work

We are all guilty of letting ourselves indulge at work to make the day a little more bearable. Below we list the most common things you are spending money on at work – these are also the things you can stop buying to save money!


It is 8:30am on a Monday morning, what is the first thing you think about when you sit at your desk? Coffee. You deserve it right? We are all from treating yourself from time to time but it is very easy to get into the habit of purchasing a coffee at work. This is a habit that can quickly result in you spending $25 a week. That is roughly $100 a month. That is $100 that could go towards your bills or straight into your house deposit savings account. Try making a tea at work or making a coffee at home, like anything you will get used to it and that with eventually become your habit.

Lunch time.

On a Sunday evening the last thing you may feel like doing is prepping your lunch for the week, but being organised is a key way to save money. When you are unorganised it is often easy to fall into the routine of purchasing lunch from your work local. That’s not to mention the new temptations that UberEats brings. However, by simply cooking up a rice dish or some pasta on a Sunday evening you can secure yourself up to 3-4 lunches. Once again, we aren’t saying don’t treat yourself. You can bring a lunch from home Monday – Thursday and then eat out on a Friday. We guarantee you will enjoy that Friday lunch even more.

Online shopping.

Sometimes when 4pm rolls around it is easy to hop onto google and start searching for sales out of boredom. 40% off – you have to buy it right? The answer is no you don’t. Times of boredom are when people are most likely to spend money, especially during the week of payday.  Our recommendation? Unsubscribe your work email from all your favourite shopping sites as you don’t need that extra temptation. Focus on restricting your google searches to work related content only.