How It Works





My Home Plan is simple and there are no ties when you’re on the program.

Here's how it works:

  1. Analyse - First of all our finance coach will discuss your situation and goals.
  2. Budget - They will perform a full financial analysis, then prepare an achievable budget for your unique situation. One that shows you exactly how much you should spend each month, and on what.
  3. Mentor - They will then become your dedicated financial mentor to help you follow your budget, and to offer you guidance and support along the way — right up to the moment you choose your new home.
  4. Track - All the while, you can update and track your progress on our easy-to-use, secure online tracking software, and get helpful savings hints and tips from our blog.

Then, of course, when you’re ready to buy your new home, we will find you the right loan. After mentoring you to your savings goals, we will be in the ideal position to identify the best fit for you and your finances. Not to mention the fact that we have exclusive access to some of the best home loans in Australia.

Just stick to the plan

Whether you’re a first home buyer, you are upgrading or you have had trouble with finance in the past, you are in good hands. In fact, all you have to do is stick to your tailored budget and savings goals, and follow your mentors advice as you go, and you will meet your savings goals.

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